Telling stories through videos is a natural extension of my work as a photographer and writer. I have been involved in a few dozen video projects in a variety of roles. A few favorites below.


Honor is an incredible startup based in SF. They "help older adults continue to live at home—with joy, comfort, and grace—as they age." I was thrilled to work with them on a day-in-the-life-of mini documentary and two recruiting videos.

Produced, written and directed by Wesley Verhoeve
Filmed and edited by Ryan Carl


Directed, filmed and edited by Brian Vernor
Produced by Wesley Verhoeve

Music Videos

In a past life, I was deeply immersed in the music industry as a record label owner and artist manager. In that capacity, I worked on several video projects in various roles. Below are some of my personal favorites.

Pearl and the Beard - Prodigal Daughter

Written by  and Wesley Verhoeve
Directed & Filmed by Georgia Brizuela
Edited by Georgia Brizuela & David McLaughlin

Wakey Wakey - Light Outside

Written, Filmed, Produced and Directed by Andrew and Carissa Gallo. Executive Produced by Wesley Verhoeve

Casey Shea - Let It Slide

Written and Directed by Wesley Verhoeve
Filmed and Edited by Kristen Winter

Wakey Wakey - Car Crash

Produced By Super!Alright!
DP: Peter Simonite
Executive Produced by Wesley Verhoeve